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"The lovely bones, ribs, and racks. A literary feast!"
-The Gourmet Glutton, Feb. 2002.

What's Cooking?

Secrets of the Wholly Grill
Story capsule: A nice fellow by the name of Lenny opens his mailbox one day and finds a freezer-wrapped package of pre-marinated sirloin tip. It's free, but according to the "end user license agreement" it comes with, he can't cook the meat unless it's on a high-tech barbecue that can only be purchased from the info-tech giant, ThinkSoft Corporation. Lenny buys the Wholly Grill "outdoor cooking information system" but can't log on to start his barbecue. He ends up—contrary to the strict license terms—trying to cook it on his Weber. That's when all hell breaks loose—carnage, raids by the software police, and legions of lawyers plunged into combat. A small lawsuit takes on a life of its own, expanding into a massive and incendiary class action against ThinkSoft. A young lawyer, Will Swanson, finds himself caught in the middle of the escalating madness. There's something very strange about this new barbecue that can't quite be grasped, much less proven. The young lawyer teams up with his female reporter friend, Persi Valentino, who's investigating ThinkSoft and its founder, the self-anointed messiah for the Information Age. Before time runs out, they must uncover the truth about Wholly Grill, or their own gooses will be cooked.

Secrets of the Wholly Grill
...skewers the software industry in a satire about a class action lawsuit that spirals out of control. Kirkus Reviews calls it "the perfect gift for everyone who has ever cursed Windows," and the San Jose Mercury News warns that it's "Carl Hiassen let loose in Silicon Valley."

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